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USUnited StatesWoodbridge0709540.5525-74.2915

How can I change my IP Address ?

If your ISP has assigned you a dynamic IP Address through DHCP, your IP Address changes automatically every few days or hours as per the configuration present in your ISP's DHCP server. You may try re-booting your machine to change your IP Address, but the results are not guaranteed. How can I Hide my IP Address ? To protect your identity, There are several commercial tools available in the market like hide-my-ip that can hide your IP Address when you are browsing the internet . If you are connecting to the internet through a proxy server, your IP Address remains hidden and the IP Address of the proxy server is displayed instead. Several free proxy servers available on the internet that protect your identity when browsing the internet. However, please note that such facilities are to be used ethically and legally.

Why does my IP Address shows up as 'Reserved' when I perform an IP lookup ?

The following IP Address ranges are reserved for the LAN ( Local Area Network )

Start IP Address End IP Address

IP Addresses belonging to the LAN do not show up in the internet, instead the IP Address of your Gateway (router) is displayed. Furthermore, IP Addresses reserved for special purposes by the IANA also show up as 'Reserved' when you perform an IP Lookup.

Locations where your IP Address is revealed

When an email is sent through Internet, the recipient can view the IP Address of the originating mail server from which the mail was sent. It is possible to trace the location from which and email was sent and also trace the destination of an email.

In peer-to-peer chat networks, participants can find the IP Address of the person they are chatting with.

IP Lookup tool allows you to lookup information about an IP address. By default, your IP Address is populated in the lookup field, you may change it to any IP address of your choice and perform a lookup. Information obtained from IP lookup should not be used for emergency purposes or situations requiring high precision. Accuracy of information obtained from this tool cannot be guaranteed.