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This tool detects the information about your Language Settings, Operating System, Your Browser information, Screen Resolution, and checks whether Javascript and Cookies are enabled in your browser.

Browser Language is en
Operating System: unknown
Cookies : Disabled
Browser Name: CCBot

Javascript is enabled.

  • Your Language: Displays information about the language settings in your browser. Certain websites may not display all the characters correctly if there is a mismatch in the language settings on the client side and the server side.
  • Operating System: Displays information about your Operating System as detected at the server side. Websites may use this information for displaying content based on the operating system detected.
  • Your Browser: Displays information about your browsers. Websites use browser detection to ensure the users browser capabiltiy meets the minimum requirement for displaying their content accurately. Some functionalities of websites may be disabled in older versions of certain browsers, hence it is important to know the browser and version used by a site's visitor.
  • Your Screen Resolution: Displays your current screen resolution, it is important for websites displaying images and other resolution sensitive content to recognize the visitors screen resolution to display the content approproiately.
  • Javascript: Displays whether Javascript is currently enabled or disabled in your browser. Javascript is used to create dynamic html pages. Javascript must be enabled for using most modern websites. Significant website functionality will be inaccessible if Javascript is disabled in your browser.
  • Cookies: Displays whether Cookies are enabled or disabled in your browser. Cookies must be enabled for most sites requiring authentication like yahoo mail. If cookies are disabled in your browser, you cannot login to sites requring authentication using cookies. However, cookies can also be used by a web server to collect personally identifiable information.