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Trace email tool attempts to locate the source IP and lookup information for a given email header information. 1) Clear the text box below 2) copy your email header and click Trace email button. An
example to find the email headers in yahoo mail and gmail is presented here. Trace Email Tool

Locating the Email Header - An step by step example using Yahoo mail.

Step 1:
Login to your Yahoo mail using your favourite browser.

Yahoo Login

Step 2:
Open the mail you would like to trace from your Inbox.

Yahoo Open Mail

Step 3:
Click On the Actions Button and click on view full headers.

Yahoo Open Mail

Step 4:
Full Headers pop-up is now displayed.

Yahoo Open Mail

Step 5:
Right Click on the pop-up and "Select All" and copy the Header information.

Yahoo Open Mail

Step 5[GMAIL]:
If you are using gmail, open the email and right click on the down arrow at the top right corner as shown and click "show original".

Gmail Header

Step 6:
Paste the header information obtained in the above step in the
email lookup tool and click "Trace email".